The Mátra-mountains, as part of the North-Hungarian Mountain, belong to the biggest volcanic range of Europe. Although it’s not the longest-range of Hungary, the two highest peaks of the country, Kékes (1014m) and Galya-tető ( 965m) can be found here,surrounded by the valley of Tarna and Zagyva. The Mátra can be divided into several parts.From the south-west it starts with the volcanic peak of Nagy-Hársas,which is situated above Jobbágyi village. To the north of Nagy-Hársas we can find foothills, which are getting higher and higher until they reach their highest peak with Muzsla in the western part of the Mátra. The so-called „ Central-Mátra” consists of the plateau of Mátrabérc and the volcanic peaks of Galya-tető and Kékes.

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Steep, closed hillsides with stones and offal vary with beech forests. To the south there are parallel valleys, among them the so-called „ Nagy-Völgy” has the most significant landscape characteristics. At the same time with the valley of Nagy-patak the „main-entrance” of the Mátra was evolved, which extends between Mátrafüred and Mátraháza. From the vineyards of the lower parts of the Mátra we can reach the upland forests almost without transition. To the east Saskő peak (898m) can be found and it is followed by the peaks of eastern-Mátra with their 650-750 m heights. The northern part of the mountain is called the „ Foot of the Mátra”.It’s a cultivated forestry with small ( 250-400m) volcanic hills.  

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For the preservation of nature the Mátra Landscape Protection Area (12.000 acres) was established in 1985. It belongs to the Bükk National Park. The executive borders of the Landscape Protection Area in Heves county are: Kisnána, Domoszló, Markaz, Gyöngyös, Gyöngyössolymos, Parádsasvár, Recsk, Mátraszentimre (11.647 acres). In Nógrád county they are: Hasznos, Nagybátony (494 acres). Two nature reservation areas such as Sár-hill in Gyöngyös and Nyírjes-lake in Sirok belong to the Landscape Protection Area. Both have nationwide importance. The local nature reservation areas belong to local government for instance Vár-hill in Verpelét.